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Preparing for a Fruitful 2012

Jewels from Judy: Preparing for a Fruitful 2012
A personal letter from my heart to yours
Judy Bauman
December 29, 2011
As I have thought about 2011, I’ve wondered – could I have done more? Could I have loved God more? What about my neighbors? Could I have loved them more? Could I have fed more children or gone to more places to share the Father’s love? I also questioned if I could have managed with less in order to give more.  Perhaps you have felt this way too, but if we look too long at our own abilities and the lack therein, we can easily drown in a sea of regrets. While it can be helpful to glance in the rearview mirror while driving, if you fix your gaze there, you will soon crash your car. We have to look forward. Paul the apostle taught us that while he had not yet attained it, he worked to forget the things of the past and press on to the high calling in Christ Jesus. (See Phil 3:12-14). 
If we study out the Scriptures we can see that all the great men and women of the Bible had doubts in their abilities – like most of us do. Praise God, our Father doesn’t focus on where we fall short, but on His ability to help us reach that high calling. God’s promises are “Yes” in Christ Jesus so that we can answer Him, “Amen” to the glory of our Father. (See 2 Co 1:20) God already knew our weaknesses before He called us His children. His amazing love covers all our sin and He joyfully invites us to into His kingdom. God’s kingdom – our true home – is everlasting. Hallelujah!   
It is my heart’s desire to only do what the Father tells me to do and only say what the Father tells me to say. (See John 8:27-29) This isn’t an easy thing! Is this your desire too? How can we know what God is telling us to do or not to do? How can we know what He wants us to say? The Lord has called each of us to spend time in His presence. Why? So we know – KNOW the voice of our Savior and Friend. In this world of mixed messages and multiple voices which contend for our hearts, we must be able to recognize our Shepherd’s voice so we can follow Jesus wholeheartedly.  He calls us first to be still and know that He is God! We can’t do that running here, there and everywhere. Being still may seem like we’re doing “nothing” but this is the biggest “something” we can do! The only way to learn His voice is to spend time with Jesus and allow His Holy Spirit, the Promise of the Father, to teach us. It is the only way we can do what He tells us to do and say what He tells us to say.
Too many Christians pray for God to carry out their will. Jesus taught us to pray the Father’s will to be done, and not only did He teach it in the Lord’s Prayer, but obeyed it to the point of death. Because of His obedience all mankind has a road back home to the Father! If we will line up our will with God’s, I believe great things can be accomplished through each and every one of us in Christ. 
It is important to note that good works can be the enemy of God’s best. It’s easy to get drawn into a project or mission that we aren’t called to do when we surrender ourselves to man’s will instead of the Father’s. There is nothing worse than being in the middle of some “good” work and being miserable because you weren’t called to do it. I speak from experience.  The Lord knows how to lift His anointing and grace on a project we’ve signed up to do – especially when He’s called us to another work. The prophet Jonah comes to mind! If we wait to hear our Father’s heart, we will be waiting for His best for our lives. I am not saying it will be easy, there is also a battle to carry out His orders, but there is deep peace and joy that comes to our hearts when we are walking in His perfect will. We are more than conquerors in Christ. (See Romans 8:37) In realizing this, we must be cautious to do only what God has called us to do.  Let wisdom be justified by her children!
As many of you have sensed, 2011 has been a year of pruning and for many it’s been difficult to endure. The Lord did give warning of this pruning in a prophetic word that was released in 2009* with the hope of a great harvest in 2012.  In reminding ourselves what was said, we can each personally seek God’s direction for 2012. May you find this coming year to be one of great spiritual fruitfulness. 
There is a great expectation for 2012 and the work God has called us to do. If this ministry has been a blessing to you, please consider us in your giving. Contributions dated by December 31, 2011 will receipted for 2011 taxes (USA). You may contribute online by credit card at or send a check or money order to:
The Father’s Love Int’l Ministries
P. O. Box 1573
Flowery Branch, GA 30542
May you be blessed by the Father’s love throughout the coming year!
Sincerely your sister and co-laborer in Christ Jesus,
Rev. Judy Bauman

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