måndag 29 oktober 2012

Bön för södra Israel

Detta är ett böneupprop från en pastor i Ashdod:

"Escalation in the south of Israel

For the past two weeks, our southern cities, including Ashkelon and Ashdod, have been under an ongoing rocket attack, since Wednesday the attacks have increased significantly and situation quickly escalated when within 24 hours more than 70 rockets were fired into cities and villages close to Gaza. Considering Israel's width is 71 miles in it's widest point and 15 miles in it's narrowest, it's safe to say most of south is under attack. 

Since the rocket attacks started on Wednesday, five people were injured, two of them critically, while hundreds of thousands were forced to seek shelter while the rocket alarm sounded in average 3 times every hour. 

As always, the main target is the civilian population living in the vicinity of Gaza strip. Of course the terrorists have made sure the rockets are being fired in the morning hours when children are on their way to schools. For this reason schools and kindergartens were cancelled in the more targeted areas. The Iron Dome rocket defense system was able to shoot down several rockets that were supposed to fall in heavily populated areas. 

We see today has been quiet as a supposed truce was reached, but we hear the threats of Hamas leaders and we are fully aware that this "truce" is merely their way to gain time and prepare for another round of rocket attacks on Israel.

This situation is unbearable, yet as always the world looks away and chooses to focus on other things. For us and our children who live under this constant threat, turning away from it isn't an option. Which is why we are grateful for your support and prayers. 

Please pray with us for God's protection for our cities, congregations and families."

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