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Jewels from Judy: Prepare for the Awakening – the Tools are in Your Hand

Jewels from Judy: Prepare for the Awakening – the Tools are in Your Hand

Judy Bauman
September 27, 2012

Part Two: Preparing for the Awakening

In the first part of what I believe Abba Father gave me for 2012-2015, I heard the Holy Spirit say, “PREPARE, PREPARE, PREPARE”. I asked Him a simple question. “How do we prepare?” This is what I heard:

“First you need to see and understand what you are preparing for, then you will have the vision and the motivation for the work involved.

“Take for example a couple who have gotten the news that they are going to have a baby. They are excited and begin to prepare both together and separately. The woman prepares physically and is mindful of her nutrition and general health. It depends on the dynamics and personalities of each couple, but in general they begin to provide a place for that baby to live and grow. They not only prepare for the birth, but other financial needs are also considered for its education from early childhood into adulthood. If these things are not planned out, then a number of issues can arise that would limit the child’s health and its ability to function as an adult in society. As an adult, that upbringing would affect the person’s ability to provide for the next generation. Different cultures have different methods, but if their babies are not fed and properly cared for into adulthood, a cascade of troubling social issues will plague that territory. So it is for My Body.

“What is coming to the Church was shared years ago in a vision about a surfer catching a huge wave. When the first wave came the surfer’s board was too short, and he was not strong enough to ride the wave.* This is what happened in 2001 when the churches were filled after the attacks on the U.S. and its leaders and congregations were not ready – they were not prepared. Many in the Church did not intimately know My lovingkindness and mercy, so they were unable to share it with others in need. I Am slow to anger and long in suffering, yet My own flocks have failed to be taught this simple truth.

“Another wave is approaching My Body that the Church in no way is prepared to ride.

“The reason the Church is not prepared to ride at this time is that they still, in large part, have ‘pew’ mentality. Pews are long benches where people sit and are often seen in traditional churches. Although many have replaced the pew with chairs, the tradition of the ‘pew’ continues to live on in the hearts of the congregants. They habitually come to sit and do their time, and then go home and have lunch. They rarely remember the message or study to see if what they heard was scripturally sound. They only pray and study their Bible’s, and worship to the degree that they feel it will appease Me. That is the sum of their spiritual life. They honor Me with their lips but their hearts are far from Me. For this reason, many are not prepared. Like babies, they want to be bottle and spoon-fed. It is time to be weaned and eat the meat of My word.

“In many countries, fairly new converts are willing to go teach and share with others at the peril of life and limb. Even though they are new to the faith, they may know more about Jesus than anyone in a 100 mile radius; they trust Me to be with them as they go make new disciples! Yet those who had been in the church for years continued to sit in the pew. They think it is someone else being called to teach Sunday school or visit the sick. They think it is the pastor’s job to do what I have called them to do. They have failed to understand. They think they don’t qualify, yet they have been in Church their whole lives! They look for their pastor to do the work of the ministry, but I Am looking to them to exercise the gifts I gave them in every area of their lives.

There are many who have served Me without knowing what they should do. They believe when I show them what to do, and they do it. It is not complicated. It’s a matter of trust. I promote those who go where I send them and do what I say. Many of those will never be well-known, but they are famous in heaven and great is their reward. I often send the less qualified because they are willing, yet the ones I have worked with for years just sit in the pew – saved, but useless in My hand. It is My desire for My Church to come up off the pew, out of the chairs and be part of My plan.

Just then I saw people of all ages, races, denominations and levels of social status rising up and taking their position in the Body of Christ. As they came together, they formed a human body. I saw this “Body” walking all over the world. There were no parts of the body that were not in unity as they all were led by the Head – the mind of Christ. Then the Lord continued to speak:

“In Ephesians 4:11-12, I made it clear how the church needs to operate to function properly. Jesus Himself gave some to be apostles, some prophets, some evangelists, and some pastors and teachers, for the equipping of the saints for the work of ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ. In Ephesians 2:19-22 I shared the plan for My Church, My temple. I made it clear that the Church needs to operate with the apostolic and prophetic leaders to set the foundation. Then the evangelists, pastors and teachers are to build on that foundation with Christ being the Cornerstone. Though many have seen Christ as the Cornerstone, they have failed to see the need for apostolic and prophetic counsel. Most have the pastor running the whole church and that was not My intentions for that office and why so many burned out early. Because the foundation is often overlooked as being true in times past, the churches crumble and then wonder what happened. My word is eternally true.

“Look at the hand and picture the ministry. On the hand the thumb represents the apostolic. The thumb sets mankind apart from all other animals just as the apostles set the Church apart from the world. The thumb interacts with all the other fingers to make them function at their fullest capability. The prophetic is like the index finger pointing direction for the Body. May the spirit of the prophets be subject to the prophets. If My prophets are saying different things, it could be they have different perspectives of My will. If what they say is like a clanging gong of judgment void of My love, compassion and mercy, it is likely not Me speaking to them. If their words, even if difficult to bear, are filled with hope, you will sense I Am in them.

“Remember Nehemiah was called by Me to rebuild the broken walls and gates of Jerusalem, but he still had to fight to perform My will. Do not think because I have spoken to you to accomplish a feat, it will be without a battle. The Bible gives many testimonies of this truth. Many in My Church have failed to prepare. Some believe they will be taken out before it gets bad. Others have failed because when things have gotten difficult they blame the devil and give up. Many blame Me for not defending them. I have given spiritual armament; however, My Body has wear and learn to use it!

“The prophetic promises I give will carry and strengthen you in difficult times IF you remember them and call them to mind. Proclaim My truth over what you see going on around you in the natural. There is still much to do! The just shall live by faith and without faith it is impossible to please God.

“Getting back to the hand, the middle finger is the longest and stretches out the furthest as is the calling of the evangelist. The evangelists are to go out and preach the Good News. But it can’t end there.

“The ring finger is reflective of the pastoral calling. Pastors are to have the heart of the Father for their flock – no matter how small or large their flock may be. The ring finger on the left hand and it is said that the blood vein from that finger runs directly to the heart. It has been commissioned to wear the wedding ring. This is also the weakest and most sensitive finger – test it for yourself and see. Press your thumb as hard as you can against each finger and you can feel its weakness. This is why the Church fails so many times. The flock looks solely at the pastor to care for their needs when the whole hand is needed.

“Finally we reach the little finger. This one represents the teacher and is by no means insignificant because it is small. If you have ever shut this finger in a door, cut or smashed it, you know how important it is! It balances out the work of the hand. Of course there would be no polite way to drink tea without it being properly extended!

“Now that you see the hand and see how its appendages work together, I ask, does the hand exist on its own?”

“No, it is attached to the Body.”

“And what does the hand do for the body?”

“It feeds it, grooms and cares for it. The hand provides what the body needs.”

“Exactly! If the Church will read and understand and walk in what Paul taught in Ephesians 4:11-16, they would be ready for the wave that is about to come into the Church.

“Let Me ask you another question. If you put your hand in front of your face and look in the mirror, what do you see?

“I see my hand obscuring my face.”

“This is what the five-fold ministry has done for centuries. They have forced the Body of Christ to look to the HAND and not the FACE. I have said to seek My face, yet many have been kept from this directive to seek My face by the very ones that should be pointing to it. The Pharisees received a sharp rebuke for doing this as will those in My house doing it to their flocks today.

“So let me see if I understand. Are You saying that the church has been looking at the five-fold ministry instead of to You because Your face has been obscured from Your Church?

“Yes. Matthew 23:13 explains this clearly for all to see. This verse also reveals that when you seek My face, you will find My kingdom.”

“So the HAND is to groom, feed and care for the Body of Christ so that we are equipped to do the work of the ministry and as we do this we also enter into Your kingdom. Is that right?”

“Yes. I Am building My household and every believer is being fit together and joined to be a growing, living Temple for My Spirit to dwell. I have put tools in the hands of every believer and I have and will teach you to use them. You have heard I will break out of the four walls of the church, as My Church cannot be contained.

“This AWAKENING will begin in homes and move through family relationships. It will move on Capital Hill and on Wall Street. It will move on academics in a profound way as My glory is seen in the largest to the smallest details. College campuses all the way down to preschools will learn My ways. Hollywood will be shaken to its core and the indecency that has become the norm will soon be scorned and ridiculed. Holiness will settle in the arts as people will detest the detestable and look to heaven to be inspired. The Arts will reveal My kingdom through paint, statues and myriads of creative works will come riding into earth on this wave. Your media will be found in contempt for their lack of integrity and those never heard of before will rise to the top of that field. They will bring honesty and justice back into their ranks. Righteous thoughts will be shared and given proper format.

“Those who lead in My church will lead with My love and My thoughts. The judgments held by the Church will be revealed as true or false. Even if the words are true, but shared in a manner that does not reflect My heart of love, will be exposed as false. My leaders must see they are to serve others, not to be served. They must follow My lead by serving, grooming and honoring My flock in all sectors of society. The hand is not greater than the Body and if it cares only for itself and causes the body to stumble and sin, then the body is better off without it. Cut it off! It is better to enter heaven maimed than for the whole body to be cast into hell. Yes beloved, it is that serious.

Suddenly I have a sense of awe and the fear of the Lord hits me. “Father,” I say in such a hushed tone I can hardly hear myself. “This is not at all what I expected, but I will share this with whoever has ears to hear. I know You gave me something else the other day about preparing. What do I do with that information?”

“That will be part three, “Prepare to exercise your faith.”

“Part three it is! Thank You, Father. I bless You and give You all glory and honor and praise. Selah – Amen!

Scriptures to ponder: Link2Scriptures

Exodus 34:6; Psalm 103:8; 86:5, 15; Ephesians 4:11-16, 2:19-22; 5:14; 6:10-18; 2 Timothy 3:14-17; Psalm 27:8; Matthew 23:13; 5:30; Nehemiah 4; Isaiah 48:17-19

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