tisdag 23 oktober 2012

Excellent teaching

I have just listened to some teaching by Gordon Hickson who is a former officer, pentecostal pastor and vicar in the Anglican church in Oxford. He has also together with his wife Rachel, served as a crusade director for Reinhard Bonnke. (He has amazing stories to tell from those years!)

Gordon visited Helsingborg in Sweden last summer where I met him and he is a very humble man with a very strong anointing...I like the combination :-)
In the beginning of October he visited Uppsala and there the teaching was recorded.

You find the teaching about how to pray as a warrior and how to take territory in these two links:

In my opinion it is excellent and I´ve been very blessed by listening. Don´t miss it, download them on your computer! at http://www.efsiuppsala.se/mikaels/download.html

Unfortunately the quality of the sound is very bad and low, so you have to 
turn up the volume on your speakers, but those who have ears to hear ...

These are the other parts:

Part 1-1

God bless!

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