onsdag 3 oktober 2012

The Remnant is Rising! -- Jennifer LeClaire

Alldeles nyss läste jag detta inlägg på Gene - A prophet´s blogg:

Jag citerar några rader ur texten:

"There is a remnant and the remnant is rallying in prayer.

I have preserved a people in this generation to speak forth my word without compromise. Their voices will continue to rise in boldness for the cause of righteousness but few will listen. Just like the days of old, my prophetic voices are crying out to a nation with deaf ears who continue serving idols instead of the life giver.

Yet the remnant is rising and their voices are growing louder. And there will come an hour when the circumstances of the day will demand that a wicked generation take notice of the righteous remnant and turn their hearts back toward Me.

Some will continue to mock My Son, but many will break free of the deception that besets the land. So continue to cry out and continue to call out in My name because I hear you and I am answering you for My Son's sake.

I will not turn my back on those who fear me.
I will not.

Apropå det inlägg jag la ut igår som handlar om samma sak tyckte jag detta var lite intressant.

Guds välsignelse!

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