torsdag 3 januari 2013

Seek Me Afresh

Detta profetiska ord är från 23 juni 2006 men lika aktuellt idag:;
                            Seek Me Afresh
I hear the Lord saying do not put Me in a box. Do not assume that 
because I moved and worked in a particular way in previous times that I 
will use the same method today. Today is a new day to seek Me afresh and 
to walk with Me by faith and let Me lead you step by step by My Spirit. 
I am a creative God.
I look for new ways to express Myself within and through My people. Like 
My servant Elijah on the mountain, many look to hear Me speak in 
thundering, lightening and in other spectacular ways yet fail to hear 
and listen to My still small voice. Many have become so comfortable to 
passively wait to hear My Word through My prophets that they do not seek 
Me for themselves. You are so used to doing this that you have forgotten 
what My voice speaking to you sounds like.
Have I not said that My sheep hear My voice? My beloved children, I will 
not shout or scream above the noise and busyness of daily life. In order 
to hear My voice you must be still and know that I am God. I will never 
force you into My presence but I will woo you and usher you into the 
holy of holies even as a lover ushers and woos his love into the inner 
chamber. I call and knock on the door of your hearts, but it is up to 
you to respond to that call.
When was the last time you listened to the birds singing, observed the 
wind rustling through the trees or watched the ocean waters beat against 
the beach shores? Do you not know that I also speak through My own 
creation. Has your life and ministry become so busy that you have not 
stopped to marvel and wonder at all that I created for you? I am calling 
you now to know My ways. In order to know My ways you have to know and 
hear My voice. In order to hear My voice you must be on the same 
wavelength with Me. 
Lay down all your plans, your preconceived ideas about how I will move 
and just come and listen afresh. Behold I am doing a new thing and I am 
looking for a people who are flexible, those who are willing to bend 
when I bend, to proceed when I proceed, to move when I say go, even as 
the children of Israel in the desert moved only when the pillar of My 
presence moved.
This word is submitted by Musa Opiyo


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