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Jewels from Judy: 2013 – The Year of “Plus Jesus”!

Jewels from Judy: 2013 – The Year of “Plus Jesus”!
Judy Bauman 

 2013 written in colourful fiery sparklers against a black background for your New Year celebration or greeting card

To read prophetic word only go to: http://thefathersloveim.org/i_am_your_plus_one_

January 1, 2013
As this year 2013 approached, I realized I was having some deep-down trepidations about it. I knew that stemmed from superstitious teachings about the number 13 being unlucky, etc…and tried to push it out of my mind. But it seemed to linger. Even Christian scholars have stated that the number 13 is a number that represents “apostasy, depravity and rebellion” and certainly we are seeing that come to fruition. I had had some grand hopes for 2012 and seemed to mostly labor in a subtle, but tormenting travail. It seemed very fruitless (being in labor but not birthing anything) – the opposite of what I had hoped to see. However, sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees – perhaps it was more fruitful than I could perceive in my pain.
When I was first saved there were a number of things the Father dealt with me to change and one of them was how I acted out of superstition. i.e.:

·         Friday the 13th being an unlucky date
·         Throwing salt over one’s shoulder that had been spilled
·         Finding a penny heads-up is lucky if you pick it up, but if it is heads-down it is un-lucky and you have to throw it as far as you can
·         Death comes in threes, knock on wood, cross your fingers, making a wish on a rabbit’s foot or wishbone, and so on…

All of these, and many more, are examples of things that creep into our minds and we give them room they don’t deserve. If this is our bent, we add new things as we go through life. The death anniversary of a loved one or something terrible like 9/11 becomes a number we see as dangerous. God has not given us a spirit of fear or timidity, but power (His), love (His) and a sound and well-balanced mind (the mind of Christ)*. We do not need to be influenced or manipulated by worldly superstitions!  Father, in His wisdom and love, has been systematically removing these hindrances and making me aware of new ones trying to creep in unaware.
Today I as I was thinking about it being “two-thousand THIRTEEN” there was something He brought to my attention. Jesus had 12 disciples. Jesus, along with His disciples made 13 companions that traveled together. I asked the Lord if He would give me a specific word about this year – this number.
This is what He said**:

“Where there is evil there will be more, but in righteousness and justice My word will stand forever. Do not look to the right or to the left, and do not call conspiracy what most call conspiracy.
“I Am calling a regiment of people to come together and stand in the fire until they see Me in there with them. Many will leave, but for those that remain they will not only see My glory but so will those around them – especially the unbelievers.
“They will see My glory arise from the flames of man’s bent toward destruction. What looks like a terrible disaster will yield My glory as it arises the lame shall walk and the deaf will hear. The blind will receive sight. This is true for the spiritual as well as the physical.
“Do not tremble or be in fear at this word. Stand tall and be valiant. I will cause those who trust Me to trust Me more. I will cause them to rise from the ashes of death and destruction and walk freely through areas of great turmoil. These are My ambassadors of peace. I have called them forth for such a time as this and in them you will see My dunamis power explode. In places of great despair and fear, My love will explode on the seen in unprecedented ways.
“Do not fear My little scribe. I know this was not what you expected, but you have asked Me for meat and not milk. This word is for My warriors, not for those wrapped up in their cozy lives.
“I never said it would be easy. I never said there would not be suffering or persecution – in fact I warned you there would be. However, I also told you that you are Mine. I gave you My peace and reassured you not to fear. Do not fear for I Am with you. Do not be dismayed for I Am your God. I will strengthen you – yes I will help you. I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.
“Yes, I will strengthen you! You are not alone. I Am your ‘Plus One’.”

Scriptures to Ponder: Link2Scriptures
Proverbs 11:19; Isaiah 51:1-2; 1 Peter 3:8-12; Isaiah 8:12; Daniel 3:8-30; Isaiah 60:1-2; 61:1-3; 41:10: Mark 13:5-37

Another encounter with the Lord that reminds me of this can be found at http://thefathersloveim.org/the_gathering_of_heavenly_army

*Adapted from 2 Timothy 1:7

**In faith I wrote “this is what He said. I wrote this line before the Lord had actually said anything because I had sensed all morning that He was brooding over me. When I sat down I had barely asked Him, He immediately dictated this word to me. It caused a great ‘fear of the Lord’ to arise in me. We are in a season like no other. We need to be like the 11 disciples who followed Jesus and not the 1 that was the apostate. Amen!

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