fredag 26 april 2013

Favör och profetisk auktoritet

"Favor and Prophetic Authority

by John Paul Jackson

In the early 1980s, God told me several things about the future. They are happening today, but 30 years ago, I had no influence. Nobody listened to me. At that particular time, I was still in the corporate world. I would speak on the weekends or in Christian men’s business meetings, and I received a lot of criticism because I didn't have the credibility required for people to believe what I was saying. I thought that God gave me revelation because I was supposed to share it. I didn’t understand that He was teaching me. One day in the future, when I did have credibility, I would be able to share what He told me and people would believe it.

God began teaching me things more than 30 years ago that I am now able to understand and implement. We cannot despise His training process, because even though it may seem rough right now, it will end up helping us. “For who has despised the day of small things” (Zechariah 4:10)? Anytime God gives us revelation we do not yet have the favor or ability to address, He isn't necessarily giving us that revelation so we can act on it right away. He is giving it to us to teach us something, and when we are being taught something, in most cases it is not for that day. It is for a day to come. It could be for six months, a year or 10 years later—and in the waiting process, we learn His ways."

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