torsdag 14 juni 2007

Acceptera ditt uppdrag i tro och tillit

Accept Your Assignment in Faith and Trust

My children, come to Me and seek Me. I will enable you, minute by minute, to be everything that I, the Lord, your God have called you to be.

Do not be dismayed over what may appear to be failure. Don't be alarmed over anyone's reactions to what you do and say. Keep seeking Me first in all things. Let Me be your guide and your rear guard. Don't look at the situation to think that you have failed because things are not working out perfectly according to your expectations. My plan is still in operation. My plan is going forth.

Don't try to prove yourself to anyone. Don't worry about pleasing people. Instead, seek to please Me every day, and I'll prove the reality of the work that I am doing in you to others. Don't defend yourselves, and don't try to prove that you are right. Don't try to prove that you are Mine, for I will be your defense to others. Yes, I will defend you if you allow Me to, instead of trying to defend yourself from you own limited resources.

Think on My words and ponder them. Know this: I gave you the job you have. I put you in your neighborhood, I sent you to the church you are in. I place you specifically where you are to accomplish My purposes for you, and to work through you in the lives of those people at that place.

Don't doubt that I am able to work in every situation to bring about My will. I will bring good out of your present circumstance. Blessings are in store for you. Yes, there are blessings ahead. My plans for you are good--they are the best!

Know that you are My agent, sent there to do My will. You are sent there to speak My word and sent there to demonstrate My love, My forgiveness and My compassion. Know and believe that I did this. I gave you the job.

I knew who else would work there and what they would need. Believe it. I sent you to the neighborhood in which you live. I knew the people who were already there in need of your witness, your example. Believe that you are there, on assignment, and seek Me for how to fulfill that mission. You will accomplish much and walk in great joy.

Live and act as if you are truly My ambassadors and My agents wherever you are, because you are! Wherever you are--at home, on your job, out shopping, or whatever--that place is your mission field. Live your life in such a way that whomever you meet will see Jesus in you. Live in such a way that Holy Spirit may speak through you to anyone around you anytime that He chooses.

Ask for My direction in every situation, in every decision. Look into My Word and listen for My voice; look at the example of Jesus throughout My word. Then follow His example. Say only what you hear Me, the Father, say. Do only what you see Me, your Father, doing. Crucify your flesh, deny yourself, your rights, your feelings, and your own ideas and submit to Me and My plan and My way. Then you will walk in victory. You will walk in peace.

Be like Nehemiah, and keep doing the work that I have put in your hands to do. Don't be distracted by others who want to hinder you, or stop you from doing what you are doing to help build My kingdom on the earth. You are My ambassadors and My agents of change. So act like it!

This word is submitted by Betty Heimbach


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