fredag 1 juni 2007

Helgad för Herren

John Mulinde från Uganda skriver i sin bok "Set Apart for God" om hur Herren svarade honom på ropet om hur vi i land efter land ska kunna få se en landsomfattande samhällsförvandling på följande sätt:

"Set yourself apart for Me. Allow me to work deeply in your life to release you from the hooks the world has in you. I will help you to overcome things you cannot overcome by yourself. I will cause your life to be separated from everything that hinders you from excelling in Me. I will lift you above the influences of your world and set you free from its bonds and limitations. I will give you authority over nations and peoples. I will cause people to be drawn to My light in your life in a way you could never have imagined possible. I will cause My Word through you to be much more effective than ever before... All I am seeking is a vessel set apart for Me, totally separate from the dictates and the allurements of the world around, and fully yielded to My will.. As many people as will yield their lives wholly to me in this manner, I the Lord will always honour".

Läs gärna Joel 2:12-32, Malaki 4:5-6, Jes 60:1-5

Citat från boken:

“I am convinced that communities are transformed when a few people in them reach a point of so desperately yearning for God that they will pay any price to see his intervention in their land.”

“Through Abraham’s obedience in being set apart for God, a channel was made available through which God could reach out to all humankind with the way of salvation. He could embrace wholeheartedly the full revelation of God’s counsel and enable the Lord to fulfill His plan and promises in him. God needed a new foundation. He needed a people with different values, a different worldview…”

“If we are going to make an impact, we have got to reach that moment when we make the decision to set ourselves apart for God, that He may work in our lives that which we cannot work in ourselves; that He may make us, what we cannot make ourselves…and use us to reflect His glory.”

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