lördag 2 juni 2007

Det är Herren som öppnar dörrarna Upp. 3:8

I Am Opening The Doors

You are coming into the seventh year and I Am opening doors that no man can shut. When I open a door you must walk through it because once the time for it to be opened to you has passed, it will be closed by Me and will not be opened again. This is the season to obey immediately. This is the season to rebuild the walls that stand in ruins. This is the season to be released into your destiny. This is the season of grace. My grace is indeed sufficient enough. Be comforted in My love for you. I will never drop you. I will never call you out on a limb and not support it. I know it looks scary, but know I can easily hold you up in all I call you to do and all I call you to be. Believe

Förmedlat av Judy Bauman rivermistlighthouse1@comcast.net
Källa: http://www.godspeak.org/prophetic_word/6-01-07.html

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