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Worship Before The Throne

Elvis Iverson

What is worship? Worship is intimacy with God. Worship is a true relationship with God. Worship is loving God. Worship is from a pure heart. Worship is a revelation of who God is to you. Worship is passionate love. Worship is extreme passion. Worship is anything we do unto Christ from our heart.

The common believer is being called to worship before the throne. You don’t have to be someone great you just have to be in love with Jesus. We must become faithful ministers before His throne. Minister to the Lord in praise and worship. Yes you need to learn how to minister to the Lord.

We enter into the throne room by the blood of Jesus. We worship God by the blood of Jesus. What does the Blood mean to you? What does the Word say about the Blood of Jesus? Remember the Scriptures on the Blood of Jesus. By the blood of Jesus we have redemption, we have remission of sins, we our sanctified by the blood of Jesus, and we overcome by the blood of Jesus. In addition, know and partake in Jesus Christ Ministry of today at the right hand of the Father. –See Heb. 10:19.

We are to come boldly to the throne of grace that we may obtain mercy and find grace. We are to worship God boldly before His throne. The seraphim cried to one another holy, holy, holy is the Lord of Hosts. The Cherubim guard the throne of the Father and Jesus Christ. However, the worship that comes from those who are created in His image is much more desire by God then the worship of angels. –See Heb. 4:16.

The Father’s throne is in Heaven and Jesus throne is on His right hand. The Holy Spirit’s throne is in our hearts. The Father’s thrones give mercy for the name of His throne is mercy. Lord Jesus Christ throne is the throne of grace where you can get grace. The Holy Spirit throne is name love where you can receive love. Heaven is a real place, heaven was made for us. Then there our heavenly places and one of those heavenly places are in you.

In addition, those who are Born Again are Born of the Spirit, and baptized into the Body of Christ. Every Born Again Christian is a temple of the Holy Spirit on Earth. God dwells in Heaven, God dwells in You, God dwell among His believers when they gather together in His name. God is everywhere. Therefore if the Holy Spirit is in you. We are to sing songs to one another for God is in each one of us. Heaven is in you.

Moreover, He made us accepted in the beloved by the blood of Jesus. We are to come into the holiest by the blood of Jesus, through the veil, which is Christ. When we gather together we gather by the Blood of Christ. When we come we are coming through the veil, which is Christ. We are coming into the holiest when we come together. When we gather The Lord is in our midst. We are before His throne. When you’re before your brother or Sister you are before the throne room, for they are the temple of the Holy Spirit. This is all by the blood of Jesus. –See Eph. 1:6-7, Heb. 10:19-25, Matt. 18: 20.

Furthermore, every Born again Christian is a kingly priest therefore each one of us are called to minister to the Lord before Him. Let us worship and minister to the Lord. Don’t forget your ministry at the Throne Room.

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