måndag 5 maj 2008

Din del

Your Piece

I had a vision of a cake. It looked like a chocolate cake, thick and rich. A piece was missing. After a few moments, I saw the missing piece. It was in a hand and I was surprised because it looked nothing like the piece missing from the cake but it definitely was the missing piece. It was better than the rest of the cake, bigger, creamier, with fresh fruit on the top, soft, fresh. For a few days this cake was in my mind, but I did not know what the Lord was trying to say. Suddenly, in a moment of silence days later, he laid this in me:

"The cake looks the same, but each piece is different. Everyone will be given the gifts of the Spirit, but the same gifts will not be given to everyone."To some I will give one, to some I will give another. Listen and understand. You are all precious in My sight, precious enough that I give from the storehouse of My heart and as I give, I choose. Have I not promised you wonderful things? Have I not said all that I have I give, and give freely? So, I give to you, now you must take these gifts from Me.

"I give them to you because you are a as a precious, beloved child of Mine.I give what is the very best for you. The best for you. Do not doubt what I give. Do not contemplate and fear that it is too big for you. I know what you can take, I know what you can do, Child. Oh child, I made you! Would it not be Me who knows what is the best for you?"Take, take and do not doubt that this is what is right, this is what is best, for you and you alone. Do not look at what the others have, what the others can do, how their gifts differ, the size and quantity of them, this is not important to you, this is not your concern. I have told you that I will give what is best, I will give and you will freely receive. Take these gifts, what is given to you, the piece that is chosen as yours. Do not look back, do not doubt, have no fear, for this is from Me. I know what is ahead of you. I know how you will use them, what you will do, how this will advance My Kingdom. "You cannot know for you are taking your first steps, but I know and I have prepared the way and sent My Spirit to you to tell you, "This is the way, walk in it." Do not pause, do not hold back, do not doubt, for it is from Me and I am with you, now, always, even unto the ends of the earth."

This word is submitted by Jane Larsen jlarsen65@hotmail.com

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