måndag 12 maj 2008

Etiopisk kvinna fick liv igen efter att ha varit död i 12 timmar

Se videon genom att klicka på länken nedan!

Ethiopian Woman Raised from the Dead after 12 Hours—Tells about Heaven
by Aimee Herd : Dan Reany – 700 Club

"I came back, because it was the will of God for me to live with my children. But I would be very happy to go back there. Now I have seen when a Christian dies, he goes to a better place…."

(Ethiopia)—Fatuma Shubisa, had married an evangelist, and had converted to Christianity from Islam. But the Ethiopian mother-of-nine fell sick and, after some time, she was found to have passed away by her mother who had come to care for her.

There was great mourning in the small village of Alelu, as Fatuma's death was made known among friends and family members. But word of Fatuma's passing also reached the ears of a Christian missionary named Warsa Buta, who was in the area.

Acting on a promise he says the Lord gave him the day he was saved—that God would raise the dead through him—Buta sought out the deceased woman.

A non-Christian crowd gathered as Buta the missionary continued to pray over Fatuma's sheet-covered body. They asked, "Why is this Pentecostal man praying over a dead body?"

Warsa related what happened next, "I had faith the Lord would work through me. I prayed as Peter prayed. 'Fatuma, be raised. I ask you in the name of the Lord. Come to life.' When I prayed that prayer—'Fatuma, rise in the name of Jesus'—she sat up in the bed."

It had been 12 hours since Fatuma had died. "…Immediately I found myself in my body," explained Fatuma, "I sat up in my bed and started asking, 'What is this? What's happening? What's going on?' Then everybody was surprised. Some were commenting, 'A Pentecostal man can call back a dead soul to a body? If this is real, then we all will become Christians.' And they were shouting."

During the time she was deceased, Fatuma apparently experienced some wonderful glimpses of Heaven, and of family members who had gone before, which she talks about on the CBN video report. Watch this amazing account on video by accessing the link provided.


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