måndag 6 juni 2011

Väckelse i Sverige

Idag är det Sveriges nationaldag och jag vill gärna lyfta fram detta tilltal som Catherine Brown fick för några år sedan. Bed för Sverige!

A Word About Revival in Sweden
Catherine Brown 14 June 2007


As soon as I saw this phrase I had a vision of Jesus walking into Sweden. I saw the instantly recognisable blue and yellow flag of the nation and the Swedish people were laying out a red carpet to welcome the King of Kings and He was just walking in! I asked the Lord what had Sweden done to enter into revival visitation and the Spirit replied gently, "Nothing. It''s Sweden''s time." I received a strong impression that revival is about to break out in Sweden and that it will last 3 years. I believe that each nation has a divinely appointed time and season of visitation and that Sweden is upon her revival time line.

Father, in the blessed name of Jesus Christ, we agree for an outpouring of revival in Sweden. Father, we ask that there will be spontaneous conversions as it was during the 1939 and 1949 Lewis revivals (Scotland) in the highways and by-ways as your angels are despatched in Sweden and as preachers rise up to speak with apostolic grace, authority and compassion to share the Good News of Jesus Christ. Father, we thank you for loving Sweden and for releasing miracles, signs, wonders and salvations. We decree Kingdom visitation upon Sweden and we open up the gates for your glory to fall. We pray for a spirit of wisdom and revelation to be poured out upon the Swedish King and Queen; upon the Swedish Parliament and upon all others in positions of influence and authority in Sweden in order that they may be good stewards of this precious Kingdom outpouring. We call forth the labourers for the harvest in Sweden and we crown you King of Sweden precious Jesus! Thank you Father for all the testimonies that are coming out of this land to your Great Name.

I see this revival in Sweden gaining national and international media attention. I see many children and youth being caught up in heavenly visitations and a phenomenal outpouring of prophetic utterance on the Swedish people. I see miracle meetings in the land with huge numbers of conversions and healings with creative miracles as part of the blessing. Father in Jesus'' name, we pray for the five fold ministry to be raised up in Sweden to help equip and disciple all these new disciples of all ages, that we receive by faith in our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ!

I also see that surrounding nations will be touched by the holy fires of revival lit in Sweden. Prayerfulness will sweep across Sweden and affect neighbouring lands. Hallelujah!

"The Spirit and the Bride say Come Lord Jesus!"

Catherine Brown
Founder, Gatekeepers Global Ministries
samt detta tilltal som Ewa Gustafsson fick samma år:

"Hör vi Andens rop till församlingen!
Res er upp, väckelsen står för dörren, Kungars Kung ska rida in i landet. Röda mattan har rullats ut. Det jag har talat det jag har lovat det ska ske, Elden ska brinna från Göteborg i väster till Stockholm i öster, från Smygehuk i söder till Treriksröset i Norr. Gör er redo köp ögonsalva hos mig så att ni kan se och känna igen min Ande när jag rör mig i landet. Se till att ni inte står i vägen eller begränsar mig, bestäm inte hur jag ska komma eller vad jag ska göra."

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