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"A Prophetic Perspective of the I-35 Collapse of the Bridge"

August 9, 2007

Dear friends,
Our prayers go out to all those affected by the I-35 bridge collapse tragedy. May the God of peace wrap His loving arms around you at this time. Whilst thinking and praying about the collapse of the bridge in Minneapolis, I have been reflecting on commentary from trusted prophetic voices and pondering two key moments involving bridges in my walk with the Lord. One was in January 2001, when I received a word from the Lord about bridges, viaducts and connections, which I believe contains Issachar keys of wisdom and revelation for this season. The second is the ElijahList conference that Steve Shultz and I facilitated in Scotland, together, along with Kathie Walters in 2003.

In a dream/vision, I saw a bridge being established in the Heavens between the US and the UK, and the Lord told me the name of the conference was to be "The Bridge." Jesus confirmed this word with a sign in the natural by having a stranger send me a beautiful postcard of a bridge saying that they felt it was a word from the Lord. The naming of the conference however, was far more significant than just finding something suitable to put on fliers and publicity notices. It speaks of a deep and abiding connection in my heart for the US. Indeed, there are many prophetic/apostolic voices that would bear witness to the spiritual union in Christ between the US and the UK. It is therefore no surprise to me that the Lord is releasing voices from the UK to stand with the US at this strategic time.

Praying with Authority
It is my understanding that there are around 77,000 other bridges in the US that are similar in age and construction to that of the Minneapolis Bridge. With these current statistics in mind, it is not improbable that there may possibly be another bridge collapse in the future. Therefore, it is important for us to pray for protection of these bridges and to ask the Lord to grant wisdom to governmental authorities to act swiftly to ensure that these structures receive appropriate upgrades to strengthen them.

Whilst ministering in Nigeria recently, my friend and co-minister Obii Pax Harry (who sits on a roundtable of key prophetic ministries in England), received revelation of a bridge collapsing and one half of it dipping into the river, and she and her traveling companions interceded for the mercy of God to avert a full-scale disaster. We are grateful that the Lord alerts His Body in prayer, prior to such incidents.

It is essential that we continue to take a prophetic/apostolic overview of the present situation and seek the Lord for ongoing interpretation of current events. In times of trauma, the enemy seeks to terrorize believers by placing them in a vacuum of fear and thus incapacitating their faith. To use the bridge as an illustration--if we are afraid of a bridge collapsing, it might cause us to make a decision not to travel on that bridge route anymore. That decision could mean a loss of income (if the journey is related to employment); a delay (if the journey is related to an appointment); or a separation (if the journey is related to a relationship). God wants us to see that He is releasing a governmental bridge of His authority over our circumstances, situations and nations that is high above and supreme over earthly "facts" such as the "statistics" concerning weakened bridges.

I believe we have entered into a "time within time," whereby the enemy is attempting to change the set times and laws and the destinies of nations. We see this principle set out in Scripture, "He will speak against the Most High and oppress His saints and try to change the set times and the laws" (Daniel 7:25).

The Church must rise into her apostolic mantle and pray and act with authority and wisdom. It is not a time to allow fear to paralyze Kingdom building--we must press in and press on for the establishment of God's glory in all the earth.

In a recent word by Chuck Pierce (Glory of Zion Ministries), he wrote, "Now is the time to war for the robe that you will wear. This is a robe called 'Completion' and is necessary for your building process. As the enemy is trying to stop your building process, I am now causing you to war to clear the Heavens, so you can wear your robe of building into the field of operation that I have for you. The blueprint and pattern for the future is now entering the present. This mantle must be put on for you to build My pattern. This robe will not have any of your insecurities and weaknesses of the past. I cannot have your past iniquities assimilated into the foundation that I am asking you to lay." (To view this recent word published on The ElijahList click here.)

Prophetic Word Received in 2001
Allow me to share a little of the word I received in January 2001 whilst in prayer for the UK (Bridges to Revival). It is now almost seven years since receiving the word. The number seven speaks of "completion," and the word sheds some light in helping to complete our understanding regarding bridges in the Heavenly realms. (The italicized writing indicates quotations from the 2001 word.)

1. Bridges in the Spirit
"I see bridges, I see viaducts. The Spirit is saying, 'Bridges, bridges, bridges.' I am being shown men and women (although it is predominately male) who are being put in place to support the construction of the bridge. Human beings are shown in the vision as support columns. I see one or two trying to walk across the bridge, but they are gently put back in place for they are needed as foundational support pillars in the nation. Those who attempted to walk on the bridge have mistaken the timing of God. It is not yet time to walk out and forget those who are still being put in place. God is preparing a bridge to revival, but the transition and transformation of the Church is still taking place."
• Be alert to the prompts of the Holy Spirit. Take your place in God's army and put on the virtue of Christ. Surrender to the sifting process.

2. Apostolic Authority to Intercede for the Destiny of Nations and Bring Clarity/Mature Instructions at Times of Confusion
"I see a mist falling over the bridges and the people positioned as pillars beginning to blow. As they blow, the breath of God is released, and the mist begins to clear. There are some who blow, whilst others have gathered around them and are either on their knees or on their faces before God, imploring Him for mercy. The blowing is a work of intercession and the proclamation of the divinely inspired and authoritative word of God. The mist is a deception over the Bride of Christ. It represents many areas that pervade the Bride of a lack of understanding of the nature and character of God, and also the nature of double-mindedness that causes the Body of Christ to ail."
• Identify your apostolic leadership and submit yourself to love and honour them. Serve Christ's purposes together and commit to a lifestyle of truth, purity and love. Pray without ceasing with an attitude of thankfulness.

3. Issachar Anointing to Discern the Times
"Those who are pillars, represent men and women who have received divine understanding of the times and the seasons. They are able to impart spiritual understanding to the Body of Christ, because they themselves have received revelation from the Holy Spirit in wisdom. It is a year of revelation and new levels of understanding. The people who are pillars of truth will be used by God to dispel the mists of misconceptions and half-truths that have polluted the Body of Christ and have blinded her to the truth of the majesty and the authority of Jesus. It is time for a revelation of Christ as King, Bridegroom and Judge."
• Obey the Word of God. Test and receive prophecy and do not put out the Spirit's fire. Trust the discernment of those who walk in a recognized Issachar anointing, which is given to help understand, engage and respond to the times.

4. Holy Spirit Alliances and Networks to Advance the Kingdom
"I hear, 'Connections, connections, connections.' These are connections of hearts and lives and have nothing to do with status or symbol. They are not superficial connections--they go deep. As a new anointing of Agape Love is imparted to the Body, we are transformed into brothers in arms for Christ. This year will see many people connected in love as they pursue the Kingdom. There will be divine appointments and divine connections to build a network of holy alliances."
• Ask the Lord to bless your relationships and to strengthen existing networks and build new alliances in line with His will. Ask Jesus to teach you to live in His love.

5. Relocation and Repositioning--Macedonian Calls
"This is a year of transition and a year of transformation. It is a year when people will be uprooted and planted in new places. People will be installed in new positions--taking the posture of a servant. People will be transported to new places, being planted there by God Himself. These changes will take place in order that people will be in the most strategic and effective position before God, and for His divine purposes to be fulfilled in the nations. Geographical boundaries will fall in the establishment of the Kingdom. Territorial greed will be exposed and be overcome in Grace."
• Inquire of the Lord if He is calling you to be replanted in another location or sphere of Kingdom serving and respond with humble obedience and joy.

6. God is Calling for Purification of the Priesthood
"There will be new levels of intercession on behalf of the nations and a new anointing for purification of the priesthood. We will see many learn the principle of intercession in the glory, and God's holy and just judgments will be averted over whole nations through this agape intercession. Those who have wandered from the truth will come again into the Way, and many prodigals will be brought back into the Father's loving embrace."
• Avail your heart, mind, body and soul to the searching, conviction and cleansing power of the Holy Spirit. Allow Him to expose corruption and compromise in your life; confess your sins and receive a fresh consecration by the blood of Messiah Yeshua. God desires a holy and humble priesthood.

7. Praise--a Powerful Tool for Breakthrough in Times of War
"New levels of entering into the presence of God through intimacy, worship and prayer will be released. The sapphire path is before the mountain of God's presence, and there is an open invitation for all to come, to all those who will not count the cost of entering His higher purposes. This is a year of surrender and of being co-crucified with Christ."
• Desire intimacy with God above all else and praise Him until breakthrough comes in your situation.

8. God is Building Kingdom Viaducts to Release His Blessing
"'I will release a new energy and enthusiasm for Kingdom enterprise,' says the Lord. 'That which has been built for man's reputation will become a desolate place, but that which has been built for My reputation will stand firm.'"
"There are viaducts being built in the Heavenly realms--bridges and viaducts. The viaducts will carry the presence of God and His life-giving waters of refreshing, renewal and revival to the nations. The generations must work together for the completion of the viaducts. The inexperience of youth must bow to the wisdom of elders, and the wisdom of elders must cooperate with the zeal of youth. Mutual submission will complete the Kingdom building work." • Actively engage with God's tri-generational heart and aspire to unity, peace, love and like-mindedness in the Spirit.
"The Lord is on the move, and so are His people. He will take them from place-to-place and therefore, viaducts will be necessary to allow the water of His Spirit to flow. Wells will be dug when the first wave of nomadic intercession is complete. There are waves of intercession that God is releasing. Some are being birthed in the UK for the UK, whilst others are being birthed from the Americas, from Canada, from Europe and from Asia, India, Australia and China that will wash over the UK. The Lord recognizes and honours those who have preceded these new breakers of intercession. The men, women and young people who have sown and given sacrificially in the years that have preceded the coming wave of His Presence are not forgotten by their Father. They must move with the new wave in unity--and then the New Wine will be poured out."

9. Gatekeepers and Governmental Watchmen Unite
"The Lord says, 'My Presence is a well of life-giving water within each one of My beloved.' The watchmen and the gatekeepers will hear the sound of collaboration and corruption through the Spirit's prompts. Divine counsel and wisdom will be poured on these precious individuals who will flow in the Spirit of Government that is from the Father. This is not the time for division and separation, but the time for uniting and standing together in Love."
• Uphold God's governmental rule in your life. Love Him and obey His commands. Authority flows from a yielded relationship with Christ.

10. Honest Scales
"The Lord is going to raise up a handful of specialists in the financial field who will be given His divine strategy for bringing the Church back into Godly integrity in the area of finances. Heaven's abundance will be opened for all those who are genuinely serving Christ, but the Lord will instruct His Church that she must not pervert herself through manipulation of any financial system. Accounts will be audited by our Father and restitution will be required if people have been dishonest. For some, this will be an unwitting mistake, for others it has been a calculated decision, but there is mercy for those who will repent and make right that which was wrong."
• Ensure your motivation is pure in relation to the Father's provision in your life, especially in the area of finances. If you have made a mistake or have been dishonest, repent and allow the healing power of Jesus' forgiveness to heal you and to give you peace.

The Significance of 40 Years for Israel and the Church
Reuven and Mary Lou Doron recently wrote, "This bridge was exactly 40 years old at the time of its collapse! Significantly, this is the same prophetically loaded season of 40 years that also accompanies the anniversary of the legendary Israeli Six-Day war and the liberation of Jerusalem which also occurred in 1967. According to many, this 40 year span of time is neither accidental nor insignificant in God's timeline, and those who are called to stand guard upon the walls of our cities and nations will do well to listen to the prophets, increase their diligence and pay greater attention to the signs of our times. The fact is that the fate of Israel is directly related to the state of the Church as both journey along a similar path in God's plan. Just as the nation of Israel struggles with confusion, disorientation and intimidation, while standing in the midst of the greatest fulfillment of divine promises in the last 2,000 years, so the Church of the Lord Jesus often acts equally dumbfounded, spineless and anaemic in the face of the great battles and victories she must walk through at the closing of this age. May God help both Israel and the Church reach for the fullness of Him who formed and called us to Himself." --End quote
How then are we to interpret this season for Israel and the Church? For one person to assume they could answer this question would be arrogance indeed, so I will limit my thoughts to a brief commentary:

As Israel faces the threat of yet another war, it is essential that we understand that God wants to build a spiritual bridgehead that will be a safe place for His army to cross over into His promises. A bridge head is defined as, "a strong position secured by an army inside enemy territory from which to advance or attack."

God wants Israel and all His children to inherit all the blessings He has prepared for us. Just as the Israelites crossed over into the promised land after 40 years of wandering, so too, we stand at a cross-over time in history. God wants us to understand that if we will pray, if we will submit to His will, if we will surrender our lives in obedience and live in His love, then He will ensure His name is glorified in all the earth. In Christ, we are secure; in Christ, we are complete; in Christ, we will stand in faith against the enemy and see the victory of Calvary outworked across the earth.

Faint not precious saints, for the Captain of the Host of Heaven is by our side and His Name is Faithful and True! He is the Breaker and the Bridgehead. He is the Bridge between Heaven and earth, the Firstborn over all creation and the Firstborn from amongst the dead, so that in everything, He might have the supremacy.

To God be the glory, power and honour forever and ever, Amen!

Catherine Brown
Gatekeepers Global Ministries

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