tisdag 21 augusti 2007

Herrens härlighet finns i bräckliga lerkärl

My Glory In Earthen Vessels

It is My earthen vessels that I choose to pour My glory into and through. This glory is not for you to touch or handle, but you surely are allowed to enjoy it. As you let it flow through you, the joy of My glory willstrengthen your weary heart. You try to carry too much, beloved. You pray, but let Me do the carrying. The burden I place on you is to walk with Me. My burden is easy and My burden is light, so set down the heavy backpack you are carrying and let Me pick it up. It did not actually belong to you in the first place.Let Me fill you with My glory and you can carry that to the nations and to the lost sheep of Israel.Let Me consume you with My passion, My zeal and My love for you. Open up and let Me fill you - then let it spill out onto others.

This word is submitted by Judy Bauman

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