fredag 24 augusti 2007

Välkomna förändring

Kathie Walters:


I had a vision for a good friend just a couple of days ago. This morning when I woke early, I saw it again and then realized that what the Lord had for my friend is also available to you.
In the vision, I saw my friend squatting on the beach in the sand. He was turning over in his hands an old, English threepenny piece. The old threepenny piece was disregarded a long time ago and is no longer relevant for use, even though it's an interesting-looking coin.
As he was playing with the coin, a lovely sailing ship passed by--it had huge white sails and a good wind carrying it.

Just last weekend in Colebrook, NH, I saw the Angel of Change. I have only ever seen him 5 or 6 times in the last 10 years. He comes to anoint people just before changes happen. Do you know that you actually need an anointing for change? Well, the Angel of Change is here, so you can receive the anointing for change and also "catch the wind" or "jump on board."

Several years ago, the Angel of Change appeared in my living room while I was watching a movie (my friend Bunty, from England, was doing some ironing). I saw the angel out of the corner of my eye, and then he suddenly was standing behind me as I sat on the sofa.

He was the biggest angel I had ever seen at the time.
He had in his hands a small silver jug full of oil. He poured the oil over my head. It seemed to turn into a river, and I felt it go down my chest, arms, shoulders, and head, and I slipped out of the sofa onto the floor.
"What are you doing?" Bunty asked.
"Can't you see that angel?"
"No," Bunty replied, "But I can smell oil."

I scooted over and said, "Sit there," pointing to the place on the sofa I just vacated.
Bunty sat there, and the angel poured oil over her head. Next thing I knew, she was sitting on the floor.
There were a couple of people in our office on the floor below, and Bunty went to fetch them. Sure enough, when they sat on the sofa, they ended up on the floor. Well, word got around, and for 3 1/2 weeks, people in my area called my house, asking, "Can we come and sit on the sofa?"

"Help yourself," I would respond.
Suddenly, the angel went away. "What was that all about?" you may ask. I am not sure--I didn't invite the angel, and I didn't ask him to do anything. I did, however, notice one thing: during the following weeks, most of the people who had sat on my sofa received a major, direction-changing word for their lives. That was the first time the Angel of Change appeared to me.

The problem with being around prophetic people is that they are always trying to get you to move on--out of your comfort zone. It can get cozy there, can't it? Have you ever been "out on a limb" as the saying goes? Actually, it's not hard to go out on a limb, because you can crawl back to the tree. When you get out there on the limb, and then you hear the sound of the saw behind you, that's when you have to believe that underneath are the Everlasting Arms!

God doesn't push, but He does give invitations and make opportunities. Don't let them pass you by. Don't fiddle around, playing with old things that are really redundant right now in your life, like the threepenny piece--old things that are no longer valuable currency in the Kingdom.

Yes, maybe you'll have to stretch your faith and maybe leave some things (or people) behind.
Jesus said, "Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds from the mouth of God" (Matthew 4:4). You live today by the word you receive today. You can't live on yesterday's manna.

Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. Sometimes we dig in our heels because we have preconceived mindsets.

DON'T MISS THE SHIP...Don't Let It Pass On By
A friend who came on a trip to Ireland a New Year's ago was desperate--he knew he should come but had no money. At the last minute, he borrowed his brother's credit card. Well that doesn't sound very spiritual, but you can't put God in a box either. When he got back, his brother was waiting, amazed. An uncle had decided to pay off everyone's credit cards in the family!

Am I advocating putting everything on a credit card? Of course not. But on the other hand, you need to listen. Maybe you have some mindsets, and God wants to break the concrete over your mind.

Don't miss the ship; don't let it pass on by. Windows open and close. Doors open and shut. Sometimes it can be a long time before that window opens again.
Welcome the Angel of change. Sure, he might make you a bit uncomfortable, but what do you want? Do you want to stay where you are and go in circles, doing "good" things, and miss the GOD thing?

I was in a meeting one time, and I had a vision of a door. The Lord told me that there were people there who were asking God to open a door. I saw a few people actually leaning against the door, some were busy a little further away, but they were keeping an eye on the door. Others were busy doing good stuff, but they were oblivious of the door.
Suddenly, this door opened, and the people leaning on it fell through it; the others a little further away made a dash for it. The very busy ones didn't even know it had opened!
That week, my daughter, Lisa, who wanted to go work on Capitol Hill, had an invite, but she only had one day to decide and take the opportunity. Fortunately, she was leaning against the door, and she fell through it when it opened.

Another young girl in that meeting was waiting for an opportunity to go to England. She only had a certain amount of money, not enough for a ticket. On Tuesday, the Lord told her to call British Airways. Guess what? They had a 24-hour ticket sale. That door opened and closed in a day, but she fell through it.

CHANGES ARE GOOD FOR YOUR HEART--Good for Your Soul, Good for Your Spirit.
That ship I saw, "The Opportunity," looked very inviting, but it was going quite fast because it had a purpose and destiny Jump on board. Do something I sometimes do in my meetings: Get all your loose change and strew it on the floor, then get a praise CD going and dance on change. That way you are saying, "I'm ready and willing, and God is able."
There are two things you can do with change: 1) Embrace change and have an adventure, or 2) resist change, and you know, that can be painful.
God is planning for you--even while you sleep.

Kathie Walters
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