fredag 10 augusti 2007

Min vackra brud

Herren förbereder sin brud inför det himmelska bröllopet och vill mötas av en församling utan "fläck eller skrynkla" när Han kommer åter.
1 Joh 2:28
"Ja, kära barn, förbli i honom, så att vi kan vara frimodiga när han uppenbarar sig och inte behöver stå där med skam inför honom när han kommer åter".

My Beautiful Bride

There she is standing in the distance--My precious bride! Even in the desert, she stands strong and beautiful! She is so beautiful! Look ather arrayed in such beauty!

However, when she looks in a mirror, she doesn't see what I see. That is why I am changing her heart--for "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he."Therefore I am changing her heart:

No more will she see through her pain.
No more will she see through her fear.
No more will she see through her impurities.
I give her a new heart. I am taking away the heart of stone and replacingit with a heart of flesh. I have placed her on the wheel of change, and I am molding and shaping her into My image. I am sending My holy fire toburn up all that is made of wood, hay and stubble. I am sending My flood to wash away the debris.

When she thinks she is dry and thirsty, I send her My refreshing rains.When she hungers and thirsts, I fill her up--and from her belly will flow rivers of living water. Many will partake of that which flows from her andwill begin to see with new eyes and changed hearts.My Bride will arise in holiness and in full splendor. Oh, look at herarrayed in My glory. I cherish My Bride, and she is a splendor to behold!

This word is submitted by Tiffany Surla

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