fredag 18 maj 2007

Allt förmår vi i Herrens kraft

Banish All Phobia
Yolanda Ballard
Florida USA

May 1, 2007

Yes, this is the year to check your heart to see if you have what it takes to get you to the other side. Yes, to the side where you know without any shadow of doubt that I AM faithful to keep you safe through all the storms that the enemy will bring your way. Not just the literal storm of nature, but through the hard times of testing when it looks like there is no way in the natural that you will make it through.

Many have already made up their minds that they aren't going to put up a fight any more. They feel that they've been through enough suffering from the evil one, and they are ready to just go home to be with Me. But I don't want that to be your confession. I want you to rise up in the strength and might of your Savior fully clothed with your armor of Light and say to the enemy that it is time for him to flee, and that you are going to stand strong and believe that all I promised to you to have is yours!

Don't be timid, but rise up strong. I say to you this day to banish all phobia! Don't allow any trace of fear to dwell in your mortal body. This is the day of salvation to be set free so that you can run the race ahead without anything holding you back. I made you an overcomer. I made you a part of My mighty army that will not stand in the face of danger and waver.

You are mighty in My name. I've given you My authority. You wear My badge of courage, My helmet of light. You are covered with My blood that keeps you safe from all harm. You have My word, My Sword, to slash the enemy. Don't cower back in doubt, unbelief, and fear for that is what the enemy wants you to do, but rise up strong!

Yes, you have what it takes to get to the other the land flowing with milk and honey.......the land of promise. You have what it takes to walk in your inheritance for I died that you would have life in overcoming the evil one. There are many out there who needs you to fight on their behalf for you are a mighty warrior.

Cast your cares upon Me and worship Me for truly this is the day of your salvation, for your victory to manifest, to receive your total healing, and to walk in all that I've ever promised you in My word. Yes, this is truly the day to rejoice for you walk by faith and not sight believing and not falling back. This is the day to press in and birth My will to be done in this earth as it is in heaven. Yes, this is the day to rejoice for My victory is yours!!

What do you see in the natural? Does it line up with My word? If not, then cast down that stronghold with My Sword. Yes, be a warrior and cast down the lies and the threats from the evil one. Don't allow them to rise up like walls of a castle to fence you in. Be free this day to walk in Truth, to walk in Light and freedom, and proclaiming that My joy is your strength. For this is a new day. Old things are passed away, all things have become new. I breathe in you My life and My strength.

Receive, My beloved, be refreshed in My love. Draw close and I will touch you and raise you up. Breathe in and receive for this is your day of new beginnings to walk in My word refreshed and strengthened to proclaim your victory! You are strong! You are courageous! Yes, your are Mine!!!