onsdag 23 maj 2007

Vem skall jag sända?

Skörden är mogen, men arbetarna är få. Är du beredd att gå, när Herren sänder dig?

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Whom Shall I Send?

Dear child, I have a question for you. It is a question that I have asked My own throughout the ages, and I am asking you today--"Whom shall I send?"

I have appointed you to be My witness in your Jerusalem, your Judea and to the very ends of the earth. I have placed My Spirit within you that you might be empowered as My witness. I have placed My anointing upon you that you would be fully equipped. I have provided everything you need to do it will, and this is the task I ask those called by My name to do.

So many of My own are not willing to do the very thing that I haveappointed them to do. Some of you disqualify yourselves because you don't feel adequate to the task. To you I would say: "Don't you realize that apart from Me, no one is adequate, but with Me you can do all things!I will not send you out alone--My Spirit will go with you and He will show you what to say. I will empower you and make you more than adequate."

Some of you disqualify yourselves because you are afraid. You don't know what will happen if you leave the security of your routine by giving Me Lordship over your schedule. You are concerned that some will be offended if you speak of Me and witness of My glory. To you I would say, "Fear not, little one, for I take excellent care of My own. I know in advance all that you will need to do the takes that I have appointed for you, and I will surely supply all of it for you.

My desire is to glorify My name through your life and your testimony. I want the world to see that I am the God of abundance who knows how to take good care of My own. I am not going to abandon you or thrust you into something that I don't give you the resources to accomplish."

Some of you disqualify yourselves because you think the call is too difficult and you are too comfortable in your life as it is. You don't want My kingdom priorities to disrupt your comfortable life. To you I would say, "Haven't you heard that My yoke is easy and My burden is light? I am the One Who supplies the peace that passes all understanding. I am the one who gives joy and abundant life. These things come from Me and I give them liberally to My faithful servants. So many of My own struggle with rejection and depression and fear. Even in the midst of that, they think that their life is too comfortable to serve as My witness--but they are miserable and in torment. My desire is to break the power of the tormentor to trouble you and to envelope you in My peace and My love. Child, when you choose to disobey My call, you give him the right totorment you. Choose to obey Me and be My witness--then watch how much more peaceful and joyful your life will become. Don't you know that I want the world to see that I have the solution to fear and depression?I want to manifest that in your life and cause you to walk in the fullness of My goodness."

Some of you disqualify yourselves because the enemy has spoken his lies over you for so long that they sound true to you. He tells you that you are so deficient and so broken that I can not use you. You enemy tells you that you are of no value because he wants you to give up all hope. But I would say to you, "Dear one, you are of great value and you have greater potential than you can imagine. I have placed My spirit within you to make you a victor and an overcoming one. I have purchased your salvation with My own blood because you have exceedingly great value to Me. In fact, it is because you are so important to Me that I permit you to do something with Me that is extremely important to Me.

I want you to let others know what I have done for you so that they too can be saved. I value you so much that I am trusting you with the destiny and eternal life of others. Child you are of exceedingly great value and I have given you have some very important work to do for Me."

When I walked on this earth, I lifted up My eyes and looked at the harvest.I saw then what I see today: the harvest is too great and the harvesters are too few. What I asked My disciples to pray then is what I still ask My Father for today--that He would raise up more laborers for the harvest.

Precious one who is called by My name, will you be part of the answer to that prayer? Will you be My witness and bring My love and My salvation to those who I put in your path? I am looking for ones who will be My witness, and I am longing for you to tell Me, "Here I am Lord, send me." So I ask it once again--whom shall I send and who will go for Me

This word is submitted by Teresa Seputis ts@godspeak.net

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