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Guds ljus lyser i mörkret

God's Light Shines in Darkness

Sandy Brunson
Feb 12, 2006

To walk in revelation knowledge with Me is to walk in a place of awakening. To walk in My Light is to walk in My Spirit and you shall "see" the way to go. So much activity that tries to overcome you in your mind is unnecessary and robs you of My Peace which is yours. When useless chaotic thoughts come...pray much in the Spirit and call for My Presence, My Light; for know that the support, encouragement and comfort you find there, comes not only from the depths of my Truth which is timeless....but the flow of My Truth..My Light is so powerful it unstops areas that have been dammed up with the dark debris of disobedience from times past. Let it flow...and watch the debris go!

I have made a way for you through the darkness as I have always done for my people throughout the generations. My Truth is no less powerful today than it was in days of old...yet My people must not only look to it, but also apply it by faith in the face of fearsome facts that rise up to overwhelm, oppose, and defeat. Look not to the lies of the enemy, but to the Truth of My Word which sets free and equips...especially in this hour when great darkness covers the earth...and gross darkness the hearts and minds of the people.

More than ever before, run to My Light and walk only in it. My Word is a lamp unto your feet and a light to your path, so keep it strapped tightly to your person that your feet do not slip on the edges of darkness that swirl about routine pathways. These routine pathways can become ruts of bondage for those who refuse to run to My Light. Make it your practice to seek Me in the morning, at noonday...and in the evening; for to seek Me continuously is to be as one watching for Truth, one searching for Light, one rising above the confusion and chaos that attends the darkness of this world...resulting the routine ruts of bondage.

I Shine My Light in the Darkness...showing you the way out of the routine ruts of bondage.

Be swift to hear and slow to speak, not given to wrath. Trust Me in the face of opposition; for those who are not united and bonded to Me will stand to bar the way you have been called...breaking free of the ruts. There will be envy, hatred, and even malice erupting from those who are not following by My side. This dark out of contol behavior will be directed at those who have chosen to take me at My word and truly walk with Me. I have called you out from among them, and yet in following Me you will suffer reproach and criticism because of My Name and because of the ways of My Word. But I, Who see in secret, know all things, and I know all hearts. I uphold you in reproaches by the power of My right Hand, and I say unto you that as I did rise again, so do you rise with Me to receive your reward. My reward is your reward. My inheritance is your inheritance. My freedom is your freedom. All that I am or have is yours; for you have said with sincere heart unto Me that all you are and have is Mine.

I see you as one going forth for Me. Going forth fearlessly. Going on in My Word. Walk always close to Me and be consumed; yes, be consumed with the zeal My Son possessed, for He loved Me and was obedient to Me unto death. It is through much reproach, much self-denial, you, too, will die over and over again to your flesh, but by My Spirit those who walk by the Light of My Word are risen far above all reproach, criticism, persecution, and accusation. Such are the arrows that fly by day...but they will not pierce the heart of the One who walks in My Light. As you sit daily with Me, I will flood your soul with Light...teaching you the mysteries of My Word and laying My heart upon you to give out to those whom I draw near. Freely you have received...freely give.

Rest in Me. I shall meet your every need and free you from every doubt, from the harm of every accusation or attack. Rest in Me. For all you need or desire...come, come, come unto Me, and I will give you rest. I will provide. Measure Me not by what you see and hear around you daily. Measure Me only in the Spirit...by faith... and know that in Me there is no limit. Measure Me not in time, but measure Me only in Spirit...by faith... and know that in Me there is no limit...and no time. I am the God of more than enough. Measure Me not by the limits of this world, for I am God of Spirit and of Truth, and I am not of this world. I have called you out of darkness into My glorious Light!

The enemy has some control over the realm of reason, but he has no power over the realm of faith in Me. In My Name and in the authority that is yours by faith in Me, daily see the enemy as under your feet. Guided by My Spirit, and walking in My Word...expect much, for I am the God of no limit. Walk in the Light as I am in the Light, and you will see darkness swallowed up as I break forth upon it! Continue in My Word. Speak My Word, for out of it flows life... healing...deliverance, salvation, freedom, light, and strength. Out of My Word do I step alive...living...breathing...moving...touching...restoring...creating...still speaking, "LET THERE BE LIGHT" ..and there IS LIGHT! My Word IS...because I AM. Know Me by My Word.

"In the beginning, the Word already existed. The Word was with God, and the Word was God. He existed in the beginning with God. God created everything through Him, and nothing was created except through Him. The Word gave life to everytyhing that was created, and His life brought Light to everyone. The Light shines in the darkness, and the darkness can never extinguish it," John 1:1-5 NLT

~ from the listening heart of Sandy Brunson


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