tisdag 3 april 2007

The Hour of Esther

Esther is a type of Apostolic Intercession. In the movements of the Spirit there is always a need for higher degree of intercession to gear up and cover the move of God. It is such a time as this. God will raise an army of “Esthers” to stand in gap for the apostolic movements in the earth. This is the hour of release of the apostolic intercession. God is raising up Apostolic Intercessors to connect to the modern day Apostles. God is calling forth the “Esthers” to take their place in the Church and the World. Even Nations will depend on apostolic intercession to escape from the evil that is coming on the Earth. God is taking the Church to another level of Intercession. All levels of intercession must be filled. And God will fill all levels. He is causing the level of prophetic intercession to be filled rapidly. We will see within the time of seven years, much great deliverance will come to the Body of Christ and then we will enter a new time of liberty; for the Holy Spirit will be Lord in the Church. We will see many apostolic waves come upon the Church and the Earth. They will come and build the Church for next wave of the Apostolic. I see an apostolic wave breaking forth and going to certain nations beginning in the month of November and will last for three to four years. For God is establishing Apostolic Authority through the Church and the World within this seven-year period.

Copyright 2002 S.I.M.

Author: Rev. Elvis D. Iverson

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