torsdag 26 april 2007

Nära Herrens hjärta

Om vi hungrar och längtar efter en djupare Gudsgemenskap så behöver vi stilla ner oss och göra oss tillgängliga för Herren. Vi behöver verkligen fundera över alla de "måsten" vi har i livet. Vad lägger vi tex egentligen vår tid på? Jag tror vi behöver göra en verkligt genomgripande "revision" av hur våra liv ser ut, var vi har våra prioriteringar, var vi har vårt hjärta, hur våra motiv ser ut. Allteftersom kommer vi att upptäcka hur mycket onödigt bagage vi släpar på, hur mycket tid som går till sådant som inte ger någon frukt tillbaka i Guds rike, hur mycket av våra val som står ivägen för det Herren EGENTLIGEN vill göra och tala in i våra liv. Hur mycket som står ivägen för Herrens gemenskap med oss.
I denna förändringsprocess finns det ingen annan ansvarig än vi själva. Herrens ande kan lysa på vad det är vi behöver förändra, men det är bara vi själva som kan välja att lyda eller inte och genomföra den förändring Han pekar på. "Develop That Secret Place

Be sure, My child, that I am doing a deep work in you of My Spirit and grace I am calling you to a higher plane of revelation concerning MyWord and of My will in these latter days. I am preparing you to be able to come apart from the cares of the world, and even of its enticements, and to be able to just come before Me in the Spirit of truth and holiness, and just bask in My presence.

Your heart is to know Me to the fullest, but this will take time. Relationship is not an overnight thing, but a process of opening up toone another in trust and honesty, so that each one can truly reveal that which is of their deepest soul. I truly want to open up to you, and reveal that which is of My deepest part of My heart. I know that I can trust you, because I will pour out My wisdom upon you. I will engrave upon your heart that which I have need for you to travail for, and to stand in the gap for. Yes, I will use you mightily, but you must always yield to Me in obedience no matter what the price or what man may say. Be bold and be strong for I am with you, and I will accomplish through you My mission that I've called you to.

My people are so caught up with the cares and distractions of the world that they don't have the time or desire to come away from it all and just be with Me. And this hurts Me deeply not only because I lack their fellowship, but because they aren't being prepared for the coming holocaust upon this earth. They need the strength of My Spirit to be able to stand. They need to be prepared for it by having spent much time before Me where it has become a way of life for them, to where it has become a delight and a thing to look forward to, to be able to spend time with Me.

Much is going to happen soon that if you haven't developed that "secret place" within your heart, that place that you can withdraw into at any time, that all that is around you will overcome you and overwhelm you with fear , frustration, and defeat. So, do your part to encourage others to prepare by coming apart from the world and to draw into My presence. I need to be the number one focus of your lives, that which you live for, to worship Me and to serve Me in accomplishing My will and not your own.

I said if you would seek My face and My righteousness, all these things will be added unto you. All the world strives for will be your blessing if you only obey. Do your part to stand for truth, righteousness and integrity. Cast down and break covenant with all that is of the evil one. Laugh not and entertain not yourselves with that which grieves Me--but feed on that which is pure and wholesome, of good report, is of virtue which is Mine, and that which edifies yourself and others. Lean not unto your own understanding. In all your ways acknowledge Me, and I will direct your paths.

Those who wait upon Me will find that I renew their strength. They will mount up as eagles. They shall run and not get weary, they shall walk and not faint. Always seek Me, and I will show you how to wait--to be still, and to know that I am God, and that I am faithful to preserve you, to keep you, and to make you strong so you can stand. Be bold, and know that I am God, and that I am with you always. You can never be defeated because My favor is upon you. Just know I back you up every step of the way. If ever anyone comes against you, they are coming against Me, and I will be your defense. Just keep your heart right before God and man, and My favor will be upon you always, and you also will receive the favor of men. Now, be blessed, and I will be your strength this day and always, andMy love will flow through you to repel evil and to draw in those lost. Be blessed and be in peace, says your God"

This word is submitted by Yolanda Ballard []

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